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Bharatanatyam Dance Class

KCWA Dance school has its legacy of training hundreds of students over 25 years. At KCWA we aim to teach our students the essence of Indian classical dance along with making them capable of attending the ISTD examinations.

Sankari Mridha

Our Bharatanatyam Dance teacher at KCWA Dance school is Sankari Mridha. She is a UK Global Talent holder for arts and has performed at many prestigious places such as Bangladesh, Botswana, India, Rwanda and all over the UK such as Newcastle, Birmingham, Lancashire, London, etc. Performing in front of a sophisticated audience and many cultural critics at more than 1000 stages. She has also taught in ‘JM International School’, in Delhi for 3 years and received an ISA award. She has also worked at ‘Indira Gandhi Cultural Center(IGCC)’ for 3 years. Currently, she is the artistic director of “Sankari School of Arts” and is teaching Bharatanatyam dance at KCWA Dance School, Croydon and Southend Malayali Association where the students are sitting exams through the ISTD board.

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